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History of Jujo Christ Church

◆ History

 The General Council of the Assemblies of God in the United States started with a Pentecostal experience in which the people who gathered to study the Bible in Topeka, Kansas, United States in 1901, received a gift of speaking in tongues. The fire of the Holy Spirit spread to Azusa Street in Los Angeles which triggered a great revival. Those who experienced this prolonged revival realized necessity of establishing organization and thus The General Council of the Assemblies of God was established in 1914. It has 150 million members and 268 thousand churches over the world.

Rev. C.F. Jurgensen, a missionary of the denomination came to Japan to share the Gospel and established Japan Assemblies of God cooperating with Rev. Kiyoma Yumiyama.

Though it was integrated with United Church of Japan during the World War II, with return of missionaries from abroad after the war, it was separated from United Church of Japan on March 15th, 1949, and organized Japan Assemblies of God, currently it has over 200 churches all over Japan. 

◆ History of Jujo Christ Church -1-

The young people of Shinsho Christ Church in Itabashi had had an open-air Sunday school at the outskirts of Jujo Ginza since 1948 before Jujo Church started. Rev. Kiyoma Yumiyama, one of the founders of Japan Assemblies of God and Mary Jurgensen, a daughter of CF Jurgensen corporately bought a property. 

In 1948, the first building was built on the land with the size of 50㎡ with used wood. Pastor Shuichi and Setsuko Hosoi who were studying at Seirei Seminary came and lived at this location and started church. In the beginning, people who came to church got together at Shinsho Church for Sunday service; Rev. Yumiyama led prayer meetings and Bible studies in Jujo. Then, Rev. Shuichi Hosoi became a lead pastor of Jujo Church.

Izumi Kindergarten attached to Jujo Church started around this time, and closed in 1990. 

The church building burnt down on July 31st, 1967 because of a fire occurred at the next door. It was reconstructed in 1969 and a new sanctuary was built on the second floor. The total area of the building became 397㎡.

Rev. Shuichi Hosoi went to be with the Lord in 1995; Setsuko Hosoi in 2007.

Makoto Hosoi who had returned from US where he studied became a lead pastor in 1995.

The church commemorated 50th anniversary in 1998; “Cathedral of Praise”, the new church building was built in April 2006. The church service and evangelical activities have continued led by the profound presence of the Holy Spirit and His work.

◆ History of Jujo Christ Church -2-

The new building of Cathedral of Praise was dedicated in April 2006 with 5-year preparation and 8-month construction. 

June 10th Construction company transferred of the building to Jujo Christ Church

Easter Service, Ceremony for opening of the sanctuary

Dedication service (Church members, Relatives and friends

Reception (Construction parties, Assemblies of God and churches in neighborhood)

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